When to Ask for Help After Deviated Septum Surgery

The doctor recommended surgery for treating deviated septum and you agreed. After the surgery, you started to develop certain symptoms which are not comfortable. What do you do? Do you know when to ask for medical help after surgery? Can you handle the post-surgery complications?

Here are some hints:

– Sudden nose bleeding that does not respond to measures like ice, pressure or head elevation
– Fever higher than 101.5F.
– Constant sharp pain or headache not responding to pain killers.
– Swelling or redness of the nose or eyes.

http://www.medicinenet.com/nasal_airway_surgery/page7.htm#call carries very useful information about deviated septum surgery for patients who are contemplating surgery in the near future as well as patients who are recovering from such a surgery.

The site also provides a detailed list of general instructions and follow-up care for septoplasty and turbinectomy aimed to make the patient better equipped to face surgery.

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