Asian Rhinoplasty: Your Options

There are many reasons to get an Asian rhinoplasty for your nose. This procedure is great for instances of repairing your nose after an accident which has left you disfigured, correcting respiratory problems or simply getting a better nose than the one you were born with. This procedure is a true miracle of modern technology and can really make you look incredible with only a few adjustments. The procedure is also versatile and you have many options when it comes to getting a nose job.

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It is no secret that different races have different facial structures and this can be most prominent in the nose in many cases. If you’re an Asian and need a nose job then it only makes sense to get Asian rhinoplasty unless of course you want a nose from a different race. The good news is that there are clinics that specialize in providing you with a amazing new Asian nose.

Altering the Nose Bridge
When it comes to crafting an Asian nose during rhinoplasty one of the main areas that is worked on is the nose bridge.  There are a variety of materials used though the most common are:

When taking into account the shape desired for Asian rhinoplasty many doctors prefer to go with a thinner material than for use with other races. Taking organic material from other parts of the body is also an option in some cases but it really depends on the individual.

Altering the Nose Tip
When working on the nose during an Asian nose job most doctors prefer to go with a less pronounced look with less definition overall. This help the nose to more readily blend into the face and creates a more natural Asian look. Of course this is also up to the individual and how you want your nose to look. During this type of procedure it is common for the doctor to take tissue from the septum or ear to be used in the tip of the nose.

Altering the Nostrils
Another important area when it comes to Asian rhinoplasty is the nostrils. Asian nostrils tend to vary but are still markedly different from those of other races in subtle ways. A skilled doctor will understand this and can even alter the nostril narrowing to fit various ethnic groups from across Asia. Generally speaking this is only needed if the nose tip is reconstructed. Nostril narrowing can also help to minimize scaring as well.

Altering the Nasal Bones
This part of Asian rhinoplasty is generally only used for other races but keep in mind that it is available if you feel that your nose needs to be narrowed even further. This is because adding an implant to the nasal bone already has a narrowing effect which tends to be enough for most Asians who wish to have a narrower nose. Do keep in mind that their are certain hazards involved in excessive narrowing of the nose such as blocked airway passages and uneven nose position.

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